Dear sports fans and smokers,

Are you going to miss the Olympics this year due to the coronavirus? Will there be no one to support?

Let’s put together our own variation on the Olympics turned inside out, at a time when many of our certainties have been turned inside out anyway.

Let’s prove that we have a sense of humor even when times are tough. We take fun seriously!

Let’s organize an international competition in Non-smoking.

The rules

  • 1
    A competition for smokers who fight the surge of the urge.
  • 2
    The aim is to reduce your smoking performance.
  • 3
    Everyone who gives up at least one cigarette is a winner. Vaping instead of smoking counts, too.
  • 4
    Doping (the use of nicotine substitutes) is expressly allowed in order to increase your chances. (Potential protests by some countries claiming it deprives them of their traditional advantage will not be accepted.)
  • 5
    Participants will compete in their own homes. Free from stress, no need to dress (up).
  • 6
    The more you become involved, the more free time you earn.
  • 7
    No discrimination related to age, gender or state of health.
  • 8
    Even though it’s an amateur competition, financial awards are granted (money savings).
  • 9
    Unnamed tobacco companies will act as involuntary sponsors.
  • 10
    Every success will be a reward in itself. The summary results will be announced subsequently by the customs office.

You are not alone

The courageous smokers will be supported by fans ranging from their friends to famous athletes.

Let every unsmoked cigarette be a source of personal confidence and a pillar of the national team’s results!



Non-smoking marathon
They will try to quit completely, aiming at a whole year without cigarettes.


Non-smoking half-marathon
They will limit their cigarette consumption by half.


5km, 3km, 800m
They will support the team’s performance by giving up even just a few cigarettes a day.

Training makes perfect

There are no losers. Even a marathon can be completed by parts or alternating running with walking. Repeated attempts are allowed, no pause is definitive.

Coaching and support can be found at, in pharmacies or via the Adiquit! app.

Spread the word among your friends from abroad.

Let’s remotely cross swords with other nations while appreciating their achievements paid for with renunciation!

What will it bring

The expected impact of cigarette consumption reduction in UK by only 10%:

Better health

Better health for smokers, hundreds to thousands of smokers’ lives saved each year. (Non-smokers live about 10 years longer)

Better fertility

Better fertility and attractiveness and improved satisfaction of sexual partners.

Freeing emergency beds

Freeing hundreds of emergency beds in hospitals, reduction in hospital admissions by tens of thousands each year, significant time savings for medical staff.

Savings for smokers

Yearly savings of 2,000 million GBP for smokers (300 GBP per month for a pack per day).

Unnamed companies and political parties sponsored by them may disagree and may even protest against it. They have the money and the influence to spread the contrary view.

Support us

Please support #Nicotine-adieu! idea around you and share it with friends abroad.

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